Just for one moment, I decided that I’m not going to panic. Just because things seem to be falling apart may actually mean that they are falling into place.

We so love to plan and know everything in detail yet we know nothing. Tell me how does a seed sprout from nothing and forms a beautiful human being?

We think we know everything and yet we know nothing at all. So here I am sipping on a warm cup when I’m meant to be sewing buttons onto a dress yet this is sewing the buttons onto a dress. Words. Words that formed me, conjured me up from a deep and obscure nothing. Here I am, a phoenix rising from the deep ashes. How could it be?

God is trully majestic. I am standing at the premise of Love and all I feel is a deep tranquility and I feel so blessed to have the Love that I have been blessed with. Thank you Lord for my sisters that come to my aid and rescue without asking any questions. They give all of who they are just so I don’t stand naked in a room full of people.

They bless and cover me with their angelic wings. I hope and pray to be blessed to do the same if not more for them when the time comes that they should need me. Lord we are trully blessings unto each other, Thank you so much.

I want to take this moment to thank you , the one who is reading , for constantly taking the time to be here without questions. I do not take it lightly. It’s an honour to be able to be gifted to capture the essence of the soul in words. Trully I am blessed and for this I remain thankful.

For now though… I gotta go back to the dress that is waiting for me to put buttons on. All else is in the hands of the one who created us all. Let’s fight the battles we can. Let’s learn from our mistakes. Let’s forgive for each and every second of our lives. Not forgeting to constantly love, even the bits of us that “do not deserve” Love … actually we should love those bits a little bit more :) .

Where we can let us make a real difference that will make a real impact.

Be kind.

Love always,


Under construction…

Please don’t be mad. I’m trying out new concepts just to see what is going to work and what doesn’t. I’ve been getting frustrated with WordPress themes. Particularly becuase they want to charge me for customizing my blog.

It makes perfect sense, I suppose, from their business perspective to charge me for their services. I , on the other hand cannot undestand why I should pay for bringing them clients.

Just my obscure view. Thank you for you patience and continued support.



The Maniac

Good grief it’s been a while since I’ve been here. Life has been taking me on a Journey and I’ve succumbed completely to it. I found that there was no real point in fighting it anyway.

So now I now longer get the spam mail – thank goodness :) . I am also happy to inform you that I am currently the owner of a Media company : Media Maniacs (Pty) LTD .

As you probably can imagine, my days are beyond hectic. My eyes are probably bloodshot as I type this, my feet are aching but I’m not complaining. I’m pushing hard trying to give the brand its own profile, get it out there so people can recognize it for what it is.

I’m blessed in many ways and for this I am sincerely grateful. Things are moving as they should I believe. I think in about a month or so I will blog a little bit more than I’ve done in the past months.

Bear with me though as I think the post will relate more to my stress and tiredness that bliss and pure happiness.

Speaking of bliss and happiness : I am a boldly strong lady. Maybe some day you’ll get to know and understand what that means :) .

Until then, I wish you more Love, Peace and Happiness.

Keep humble.



Have been getting alot of these lately. While I do appreciate the feedback from people, I find them rather odd in that they mention nothing about my work so it’s weird for me to have people sending me such mail. I love all the people who come to my space becuase they appreciate what I do, who feel inspired and aspire to be whomever they want to be through my works, really I appreciate that. But this is odd :

Hi dear
How are you doing today? hope fine?. My name is Vivian.I just came across your
contact today and after going through it l found you interesting hope you don’t
mind.If you feel like knowing more about me and for me to send you my picture,
you can send me mail at ( Hope to hear from you soon
and remember that distance or color doesn’t matter but real friends and love
matters,have a nice day. Yours Vivian.

My name is lelean
I come acros your browser today and get interested to know you, here is
my email address
( send me an email so that i will send you
my photos and tell you more about my self,.
mail me at(
Remember distance,color,religion or tribe does not matter but love
matters eea lot.
kiss my dear love

My Name Is Miss Goodness
I will like you to contact me through my e-mail i like to want discuss something to you private I will be happy to see a good response from you
Thanks and remain bless.your love is Goodness

If this is fan mail , it is bordering on creepy. I wish it could stop. I am sincere in who I am. Please do the same.

My experiences at the National Arts Festival

I have been out of this space for some time now. Life has been taking me to different places and have not really had the time to sit down and express my thoughts as I would like.

As it is I am at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape (EC). I have been here since the past Saturday and after helping my friend out with her thesis we will head home. I am beyond tired as I have been running around like crazy :). I am well though so I am not complaining.

I am here as a delegate for the WordFest, which sees novice writers, experienced editors and publishers in the same space in an effort to develop, hone and improve the skill where possible as well as to give strength and encourage one another.

The trip has exceed any and all of my expectations in that it exposed me to a varied network of creatives in literature, language specialist and all different types of books. The knowledge gained here I can never be thankful enough for.

I managed to find a store here called ‘Under The Arch’ which  is now selling my jewellery line. It is located at the gate of Rhodes University, EC. So now whenever you are in Grahamstown you can always go there and ask for Miss Understood Jewellery and Nadine will be happy to assist :) .

The WordFest also afforded me the opportunity of showcasing my 12 minute documentary on spoken word (Poetry), Unspoken, much to a delighted audience. This has motivated me to press on as much as I can as an expressive activist and storyteller.

I don’t think I will get less busy, instead where I can I will make time to share my thoughts with you. I really appreciate that you still take the time to visit my space and read my ramblings.

There are new key developments however, more of that when things are concrete.

Remember : Success is a journey, not a destination. Stay free.



Miss Understood makes it on the Daily Dispatch (News article)

Hi guys,

You may or may not have heard about this. A local (Eastern Cape, SA) newspaper, the Daily Dispatch wrote an article on yours trully.

I thought I’d share it with you so for those of you who never got to read the article yesterday, here is the link :

Maximum Love,


Life, Peace and Blessings

Music is so much in my head right now, it fascinates and scares me. It’s like everywhere I look I see it. In rainbows. Isnt that the craziest thing you ever heard? I keep thinking not to lose focus and I cant really tell if I am or not. Weird vibes. Normal for me I guess.

Im trying to learn how not to be under pressure and I dont know if its working. I suppose time will tell? Who knows.

I am here now and life is unfolding as it should.

Life, Peace and Blessings,


…the Essence is in YOU… by Unathi Magubeni

…trust your dreams, they have chosen You as much as you have chosen them…all knowing is within, there is no out there separate from what’s
within…You are connected to the Source,be humble and let the Supreme within You reign…believing is reality and reality is existence…all is being revealed to You now; honour the present, it is a gift…all of these things are happening to You now, smell the flowers and marinate in the glory of the moment…anxiety creeps in when we spend too much time in the perceived past or too much time in the perceived future and create a perceived gap of uncertainty; remember, both have no reality of their own outside the Now…presence is virtue…the timeless is in the present, be rooted there…external sources including me can only point at the truth of the meaning; but please know that You are blessed Now…the general direction your life is taking presently will lead you to the desired outcomes…please always remember that the magic of life is now and not in the perceived future or past…both past and future are projections from NOW; they are both halo effects of the now…never underestimate the majesty of now…never underestimate the human spirit, especially yours…just like the rays of the sun are not separate from the sun, you are not separate from the source…be conscious in being…humble yourself to the force that carries You…the journey is within and the master is You…

the story of being


Strongly needing to revisit this…thought I’d share…

Originally posted on LoyZaR:

In the beginning there was hunger and hunger was hungry for desperation. At the time desperation had been walking the dry kalahari desert, searching and searching not forgetting to look every plane for longing. This went on for centuries. Meanwhile longing had been sitting at the oasis of yearning. Now these four had never known each other yet each knew that they were searching. Then came along Word who had long observed. He knew all the four knew. At this Word spoke and said :Unite! Indeed it was so. Word saw that it was good and manifested himself in the combined four. As a new creature they all decided to give themselves a new name which shall name, identify, combine and unite them. The name was Being. So Being lived a good life going and doing as he pleased.

Yet , always when he was asleep he would have dreams…

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