Avoiding the topic

Ok…so here goes a big nothing. I’ve been thinking about this blogging thing. It’s been very familiar to me for some time now but eish technology can sometimes prove to be a bit elusive to an ordinary black person. I’m just an intellectual (self-confessed) that never bothered myself with the nitty-gritties of computer studies and what not , ok ok call me ignorant it’s ok I don’t mind it doesn’t add anything to who/what I am. I would like to officially welcome myself to the world out there. Opening yourself up to an entire world is not necessarily the easiest of tasks. Suppose it becomes easier for one to talk to complete strangers..I’m not sure where I fit in. Why soulstar though? Well, I have a soul and I’m a star (at least in my mother’s eyes). Apart from that though I love anything that is soulistic, feelistic?  I also want to take the time to welcome you to this post. Hopefully we will work well together.

At the current moment I’m taking a breather from my assingment from an article written by David Buller : “Illegal immigrants deserve what’s coming to them”. I mean , really? At this day and age? We’re all entitled to our opinions I suppose. Provided they are not to the detriment of society.

Anyway, I gotta bounce…



  1. farmgirl · September 15, 2010

    Hello & welcome!


  2. futuresoul · September 15, 2010

    Hey Farmgirl…hey hey and thanks 🙂


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