OMG! Not even 5 seconds into this blog thing and I’ve forgoten my password and username. Eish, this being creative business!! Note to self : stop trying to be so creative that you forget your own creativity. Another note to self : If you’re gonna forget why not jot down your username and password? It might be helpful in future.ok ok, now I’m censored. I’ve only got limited time on this net thing. Apparently it is to help me in future when the gorvenment censors me and somehow this at first makes me laugh but then I start to think about it. I know it’s still too early in the morning to be having politics for breakfast but hey?! It is what it is right? I’m in the media right? and my department is censoring me right? and apparently this is to help me right? Coz currently the gorvenment is censoring the media right? So how come this reminds me of the apartheid era? I’m black! I’ll pull the race card if I have to. I’ve been underprivelaged for the past 100 years. Compare 16 years to a 100 exactly, no comparison  right? So what am I to do? I’m censored! Well, I’ll find ways like I am now. I’ll hack the system if I have to. But in the real real media world, what does one do? I know it may sound like I’m making light of this very serious topic but what do serious media people do under these circumstances where the general public really couldn’t give a rat’s a$$ about censorship. It doesn’t affect them. Or so  they think. Up until something really bad happens like Julius Malema becomes President without  them knowing it then it becomes a concern. But seriously though. What do you do(well, besides start a mass protest (better known as toyi-toyi) and get everyone in a frenzy) when you are censored?



  1. anotherdayinparadise · September 21, 2010

    Good morning Soulstar. Great to see you here. Hope your blogging experience gets easier as you go alon. I enjoyed your comments re Juliuz. Do you really think he could become president? Scsry thought!


  2. futuresoul · September 21, 2010

    Morning Another Day, I’m tempted to say another dollar but I wont kr kr kr…yeah hey..stranger things have happened. Julius Malema for President! I think not! thank you for welcoming me. I’m taking each day as it comes! 🙂 scary thought indeed!


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