Joburg continued

So I went to Joburg the other week…and I wrote a blog about it. I decided to cancel that blog because some people were just trying to make me sour and sour is not the kind of person that I am so I have decided not to allow them. Joburg was an eye opening experience for me. It bought me to tears and made me stronger than stone at the same time. I was shocked at the acts rather than the individuals commiting the acts. It’s like there is a bug there that bites my homegirls and brothers and turns them into monsters. It’s a sad reality when my conscious brothers and sisters are just a shaddow of who they once were. I lament for them. People talk in different languages to their own. I’m all for the development and being all multi-lingual but can you please stick to your own when you are at home? I mean it could just be me but I believe in speaking my own language when I’m at home with my people. Call me what ever you will , I really could not be bothered. It is what it is, it’s not like Sotho or English people talk isiXhosa when they get at home.

Apart from that I really enjoyed myself there. I met so many humble souls that helped me so much along my journey. One being Nkanyiso, a Gautrain drive who went out of his way when one of my friends ditched me in the middle of the night and I had no where to stay and didn’t have the necessary cash to travel. Train drivers can be really funny when you give them a chance to make you laugh. Those people really have amazing stories to tell. I went to this club in Mellville called Wish and OH my God was it beautifull! They have this Jazz vibe going on and there was this guy playing the piano …oh my word his bald, dark, with this rough beard…ooh he just gave me shivers. They were playing the trumpet and drums and Chelo…oh it was beautiful.  It was too nice being there. Joburg when we meet again Wish will be first on the list, ok maybe not but still.

Then I went to Pretoria North, which is supposed to be this white neighbourhood. So that means you never see anyone walking about. Not even to buy bread! I took some beautiful pictures there which I can’t upload at the moment coz my computer has a virus and can’t load that on my camera. The people I was staying with really went out of their way to make me feel at home and it was so surprising how a total stranger can be so kind to you rather than someone you’ve known for years. Haha. yeah hey, life.

I went to Joburg to find work guys, in the end I found just more than that. I learned that if you don’t know who you are and where you come from and where you are going, if you do not have a solid base then Joburg will decide for you. I learned that gorgeous men are in abundance and they have a one track mind and are not ashamed of it. They have lots of money and blinging cars and that’s about it. So if you’re all about bling-Joburg’s got it. I also learned that there are a few people who know the meaning of the word Ubuntu and are not ashamed of it. Not everyone sitting in a cosy, comfy office is for the development of you. Infact while you are desperate for a job all they see is what’s in between your legs and how they can use it and throw it away as soon as they are done with it. Like I said, there are some kind souls but they are few and far between. You must look with a magnifying glass. I suppose you will tell me that it is like that everywhere you go. Maybe. Maybe I’ve been blessed with a different kind of people. The kind that genuinely cares for people.

It was a learning experience. I enjoyed every moment. Even the hard times. Is there a place for me in  Joburg? Definately. Will I conform just to fit in? No ways!! I will never lose who I am for nobody. Even when an entire taxi goes silent when I speak my unmixed Xhosa. Xhosa on Xhosa people!! Mad props to ya! It’s a language, let them accept it. lol . Seriosly though, so many opportunities have opened up for me since I’ve been there and I can tell you it’s not because I was trying to be fake or anything.

Stay true to who you are. Stay real.

I know I am.

MadCrazyLuv peeps!


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