Are you that good? I doubt it…

Three weeks have passed, I had been given a task, to create my very own magazine from scratch. I thought, how hard can it be to be creative? I mean, hello, I am the epitome of creative, or so I tell myself. lol. Ha! To my great surprise creating any magazine is not child’s play. The task was to create 4 articles (more than 300 words each) , 4 adverts , graphics and all that goes with a magazine. It is hard work! I have never been so exhausted in my entire life (except of course that time when…ok ok I wont go there 🙂 ). I give respect to magazine editors. This ish aint easy. Maybe it become easier for them as they delegate, I’m not sure.

Point is, in my head, I had imagined myself as long finished by now. Well, I am. Only just. The mag is due at 13:00 today. So hold thumbs guys. I’m aiming for a 100% on this one and my aunt reckons it’s not possible because I forgot to put page numbers at the bottom and the magazine is already on its way to the printers. Well, not very much I can do about it now…let’s hope the content will make up for all that.

So if you think you can do a better job than the editors…I strongly doubt it. Think again chums, it actually IS hard work.


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