I am not Rasta

I have just come back from a coronation (I hope that’s how you spell it), a Rasta festival that is more focused on religion and praise. Firstly, I am not Rasta. I am Xhosa, ndingu Menyezwa, uThithiba, uCihoshe , uNozinga, uMntu womlambo. I have a firm belief in my ancestors and the One Most High God, uQamatha. Awu! Madoda! Life is good indeed when I think of these things. I am a child of the earth. A child of the universe. I was born in a rainbow. I was born by a rainbow to a rainbow. I embrace all things within the rainbow for the rainbow is a living organism coming from Thee Most High. I cannot judge for that is the job of The Most High. If I judge, then what shall The Most High do? God, exists within me. God exists within you. He is in every living organism. However, I can never be God Himself. Though to a certain degree, He exists within me but I am not Him.

I guess that is where Rasta and I differ. However, I do not judge Rasta. I do not condemn Rasta. I accept it as a living orgarnism. I left the coronation feeling rather unloved and shunned as the Sisters did not hold back on telling me that I am naked. By the way, I am wearing my skinny jeans and thick vest. Ok, ok, I get it. You will say, I was supposed to have respected Rasta and their dresscode. You may be right. I just thought since I embrace people as they are maybe they would do the same. Naive thought.

I do not need a man to make good conscious decisions. I do not dress up to impress men. I do not hate men. I am just very comfortable without one at the present moment. I have decided to allow God to do the choosing for me this time. Nothing wrong with that. I do not dress in any particular way to impress any man. I will get married one day ,  to a man that God decides is worthy of me. Not a man will indoctrinate me on what he thinks is right or wrong for me. I can make those decisions on my own thank you very much.

I suppose there will always be some form of conflict. There will always be an opinion about religion, culture and lifestyle of the person living within it about the person not within it. There will always be a difference of oponion. I accept that. But to judge and say any thing that is not of your belief is evil? C’mon. Really now…it is the 21st Century already. I guess there will always be stereotypes. Mentalities. Energies. Differences. I accept that. However , let us not judge as that is the duty of the Most High.

I am going again this Saturday, with a friend of mine because we’re doing a documentary and we have not finished filming. I think it will be interesting to see what happens next because I will be wearing the longest dress I have with a jersey. Hot weather or not. haha. It will be interesting to finally learn , What is RASTA?



  1. ermadziva · November 2, 2010

    the thing about people judging you over the way you dress gets my goat everytime. clothes are just one way I express myself, there are so many others


  2. futuresoul · November 3, 2010

    Sigh…I guess the battle is long from won…


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