Calmer thoughts

It is morning. I have slept well. Make that not well as my grandmother tells me that sleep without dreams is not proper sleep. My ancestors did not visit me this time. Hahaha. I laugh though most probably I shouldn’t. I am much calmer now as I’ve had more time to reflect and believe.

Yesterday I wrote about how I felt after the coronation. It was interesting to be there again I stress that I look forward to going there this Saturday. Today, I’m wearing a black dress. Not long. Not short. Just right. I feel good. I’m secretely smiling because I know that I made a choice today to wear this dress. I knew it would look good on me (even if I have to say so myself šŸ™‚ ). It adds nothing to who I am, it takes away nothing. Traditionally, I should be bare breasted wearing nothing but beads and cow skin or umbhaco (Thank heavens for Fashion Designers  šŸ™‚ ). I met a guy on a train this morning and he was telling me about Jesus Christ and how he died for all of us and blah blah blah . I know all about that. I was raised in a Christian home. Anglican to be exact. I know the doctrine of Christianity. I just made an individual choice to believe in my ancestry. I lineage which I can trace to the Most High God. I did not judge him for his Christian ways as I knew that once I was there myself , having being raised like that.

However, my point was : Whether you are Bhuddist, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Rasta, Hebrew, English, Xhosa, Vhenda, Sotho, Zulu, Tswana, Khoisan, Afrikaans, do we not all come from the same Source? Do we not , ultimately, serve One Most High God? Do we all not acknowledge that we come from this Source? Do we not agree that ALL living organisms (including plants, trees, animals and humans) come from this Source? If so then why judge? Why point fingers? Why say you are wrong and I am right? Is that not the job of the Most High? Can we not accept each other for the fact that we have one common denominator , which is the Most High God?

I’m asking these questions because I’ve done alot of research within these few hours. I’ve spoken to people and all seem to have one conclusion  : Religion requires you to sacrifise yourself for the collective and if you believe in individuallity then you are an outcast who may be seen as selfish. As long as there are these borders within religion there will always be classes and social stratification. The social pyramid will never change. We will never be equal. Women were created to be the ultimate male concubine, to bear children and be in the kitchen.

I don’t believe in any of this. I do not condemn anyone who does though. I mean if it works for you then props to you then. But I am an individual. I refuse to live my life for a man. I make individual choices. Because I believe that ultimately we are searching and yearning for righteousness. However, we may try but we can never trully be righteous because man has flaws, man is imperfect and that is how God created us. I have a baby boy. When he is old enough, I will tell him about how I was raised. I will tell him about the choices I made. I will also tell him to make the choices that make him happy. If he finds himself within Rasta, Muslim, Hindu or Xhosa then it’s all dandy. As long as he is happy. Because ultimately we should all strive to do what makes us completely happy. As long as it does not infringe and impose on others.

Impossible? I think not. Difficult? Yes but not impossible.




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