A happy blog

I woke up this morning thinking…mmm..life is not so bad. Have to admit my morning was a bit on the dingy. (Ok chick, you do know that you’ve just contradicted yourslef now?) Alright I admit it, I’m confused…a good confused. Hold up. Let’s explain this. I had to wake up at 4:30 this morning to do laundry! Yikes! Not one of my fav tasks but you can only wear the same thing twice once. So I was running out of options and so was my baby boy. Soon enough we would’ve been wearing kitchen towels haha. That’s bad hey? I shouldn’t be saying ish like that ..eeuw I hear those perfect polished beings say. haha whatever! It’s life and I’m not the only one, y’all do it too…and you gotta admit it does feel nice to wake up and not have to iron your pair of trousers you wore yesterday. You just jump right into it. All snug. Ok, ok , shouldn’t happen for undies pls, that is where I draw the line.

But this blog isn’t about laundry now is it? haha nah…it’s not about laundry. It’s a blog about being happy. I woke up happy this morning coz i had a good day yesterday. It’s amazing to me though, to find that deciding to be happy can actually make you happy. Sometimes going with the flow and letting things be can actually free you and make you a much happier person. I can’t say I haven’t always known this but I’m amazed at my affirmations. I’m usually brutal but something in me gets sentimental when I think about it. I had a good day and I strongly encourage other people to be happy as it leads to more happy days and happy writing which will lead to happier blogs! See, simple.

So in a nutshell…don’t wash your clothes until you’re all out of options, listen to music till your battery goes flat, laugh till it hurts, go with the flow, have random (safe) sex, smoke a blunt, drink that last bottle of wine, save for a rainy day…Oh Kcuf it just live life!!



  1. ermadziva · November 12, 2010

    AMEN. when you stop fighting it, it gets so much better! and even if you stress about it, chances are you aren’t going to change that much. so why stress? here’s to being happy and making a conscious decision to BE.


  2. futuresoul · November 15, 2010

    hahah! Indeed Miss E, life is so simple when you decide not to complicate it. 🙂


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