When all else fails, return to sender?

I was reading this book titled ‘ Thirteen Cents’ by South African author, the late K. Sello Duiker. Wow, what a brilliant read. Super graphic and super real. I wont spoil it for those who have not read it by divilging all the secrets of the book. What amazes me though is the fact that Duiker commited suicide. The book is based on ‘his personal experiences’. A young boy (street kid) who learns just exactly what it means to survive on the harsh streets of Cape Town. Duiker himself had moved to Cape Town after studying Journalism at Rhodes University. I mean , HELLO, Rhodes University. C’mon dude, you don’t just go there, become a successful author and then decide to kill yourself.

My observation, and this is strictly that, is that Duiker could not come to terms with his sexuality. As in the book he first explores and analyses anal sex and how it doesn’t really determine that you are gay or not. I think he wanted approval from society or maybe tried to justify some things which he found he really could not. Which begs for me to ask, if you can’t accept yourself for who and what you are then who will? If you should find that you are the Devil’s child will you kill yourself?

A friend of mine said I shouldn’t judge the situation at face value. Gave me a book about Van Gogh to read. I understand and empathise. We all face different scenarios in life. Some are stronger than others but does that mean that should things not work out the way you want then the solution is death?

I’m not sure. At the moment I’m waiting for a copy of ‘The quiet violence of dreams’ by the same author. Maybe it will shed some light.

But, when all else fails, seek other alternatives.


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