My shoe snapped

Woke up this morning with my body feeling slightly heavier than it normally does. I was not well last night so I suppose it’s perfectly understandable. I was early for classes so I decided to stop by the local library to book out some books : Fred Khumalo’s Bitches Brew and K.Sello Duiker’s The quiet violence of dreams. My shoe snapped on the way to the library so I’m practically barefoot the entire day. Ouch, I think I stepped on broken glass coz my feet are sore. It never rains but pours.

Anyway, as I opened Kumalo’s book  to find someone had vandalised it and wrote :

You are like a drug to him

He is addicted to you

You’re his daily fix (of Nyaope)

That makes him violent

And when he sobers up

And realises what he has done

He nurses your wounds

while murmuring you made him do it

He does this to you

Because he loves you.


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