Happy weekend = Happy monday

I had a great weekend. I can’t remember the last time I had a great weekend. It was totally awesome. My friend and I went to a farewell party for a staff member and a friend of hers. It was in those posh/larny ‘white’ surburbs that are close to the beach with spectacular views. The one lady is off to Italy while my friend is leaving for Germany 😦 . Bittersweet. I should be uploading pics soon though.

What I did like most, something I learned, I’m keeping it for my house some day-the way they party. Omg, so…mature. We were playing drums practically the entire night, there was a bon fire, more (healthy) food than you could stuff your face with. A whole lot of musical insturuments-I think the one is called a didgeridoo, it is awesome. I really did enjoy myself.

I have mad respect to all the drummists out there-you have freed my soul. Today, I predict a warm, happy beautiful day :).

Happy monday y’all!


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