what is it with married men?

What is it with married / commited men? Seemingly they can’t keep their hands to themselves! They want to touch everything in site! Why get married if you know that you still wanna play? Why subject your wife to such disrespect? I really don’t get this philosophy of having ‘extras’.

If you love someone and are committed to them then it’s only right that you stick by them. Remain true to them. It’s a small wonder why we have such a high infection rate. People just aren’t faithful.

Suppose the women who accept such offers are also to blame. Sisters, respect yourselves. Know your true value. If a man loves you then he must love you trully. Don’t accept being second best. The other woman. It’s tacky to say the least. Besides you’d be really shocked to hear the things that men openly say about women who date married/ committed men.

Married men must stay exactly that-married men. Nothing more. Nothing less. Stop fiddling where you shouldn’t. It’s so uncool and so not worth it.



  1. robinhawkins · March 1, 2011

    With respect, this is a gross generalisation. During my 21 years of marriage (over for a while, due to my wife having an affair with…. a woman) I was never unfaithful, and believe me, the opportunities abounded for an irreverend rock musician. And most of the married men I know are of the same ilk. Whereas my married wife had it off with a woman…. at home, in our bed. So a spot of perspective please.


  2. NielsUndelete · March 1, 2011

    You know what, Little Miss Opinion, my experience with most married women are that they are skanks who would happily tap dance over our hearts… and single women… as soon as they find out you are single, they are quick to wave their little bottoms in your face.It happens to me all the time.If you don’t want to be touched by the mr with a mrs, maybe you shouldn’t get so close.Daft tart!


  3. jelibean · March 1, 2011

    Dont you just love how some people miss the point totally!? Yes, married women also have affairs, however THIS post is about married men.. I agree with you M.O… Married men should stay married. If they feel they cannot be faithful, end the marriage (YES< this applies to married women having affairs too, for those who are a little sensitive to the "generalisation") Good post M.O.


  4. futuresoul · March 1, 2011

    Thank you *Jelibean* for getting the point. This particular post is about married men. I am a woman who has been approached by married men. My experience, not some random generalisation.Note to niels and daaivark, I will not be involved in a verbal warfare with you. daaivark, trully I empathise with you. niels-carefull on the name calling darling.


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