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When you see, read and hear news headlines , you harldly ever think that they may have something to do with you. Infact most times you pray that it is not you that the reporters are talking about. You are happy to be at the recieving end, getting your daily scoop, latest report or scandal on the who’s who and the so and so’s of this planet. As you sit there, maybe shocked or oblivious or just popping pop corn you harldy ever think about the lives affected. The people making the news. It’s them. Not you. Not me. We say.

So it’s a bit hard for me that this week I may be making the headlines. Even in a small insignificant way. My very young cousin (early teens) went to hospital last week to give birth, to this day she has not returned with the baby. No one is telling us exactly what is wrong. We’re not even allowed in to see the baby. I’m trying my best not to be emotional about this. I need to keep a cool head. But it’s hard because I’m affected.

The Eastern Cape Health Department  has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Infant deaths. My cousin’s baby is alive(this we have gathered) yet for how long we don’t know as immediately after birth the baby was sent to i.c.u. I feel like I’m in this dark room. I don’t know my left from my right. I’m lost and without a clue. I’m going to pay them a visit tomorrow, my prayer is that when I arrive they will already have left. Safe at home, coz ultimately that is where they need to be. Healthy. That is my prayer, however this life has taught me that nothing is guaranteed.

We need action over prayer, it’s just that I really don’t know what to do. I’m a journalist but this story is too close to home. It’s hard to be the one making the headlines. One usually tells the story and now they are the story. Toughness. I”m helpless not hopeless.


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