My hymn…my him

Awake at midnight I watch my son sleep
About him it seems I could never write beautifull enough poetry
In his peacefull , quiet slumber I believe he is poetry
I look at him trying to find traces of me
I know when he awakes he will be the reflection of me
For nine long months I joyfully carried him within me
I know he is the true reflection of divinity
A gift from The Most high in an act of generousity
He continues in slumber, he fidgets an mumbles
I smile, even though I am not , he makes me humble
His hand waves in the darkness, searching for mine
His round button nose confirms he is mine
He grinds his teeth, reminding me of his father
Oh ! Father why did you choose him to be the father?
I’m reminded of how he didn’t want to be a father
Like I planned to be a mother, away he pulled further
Yet, today, to me, it seems those issues really don’t matter
He moves, pulling me away from the thoughts of things that don’t matter
I remember these moves, how they used to feel like in my belly
I remember the conversations we had long before the big day
Today he is the centre of my days, a joy that wont go away
I look forward to raising him even though it wont always be this way
He will grow to have his own dreams and aspirations one day
Judging by the many questions I am sure he will be an advocate
Whatever he decides, the love we share will always remain
I love him regardless of whatever and this will always remain
He sleeps and for a good few hours I pray this way he remains


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