Snub me from the memory of your past

Trying to tell me that this was never about me

It was  about you so I got caught up

I was too emotional; only now you tell me

Responsibility, purpose, all the things you didn’t want

Every war has its casualties; only now you tell me

I was just a victim only you were on a mission

We all have to grow up at some point

Only I thought you’d be man enough

At some point, eventually; only now you tell me

You were on a mission; I was just a victim

A hopeless face among many passing you by

I was lost looking for something I didn’t have

Only now I tell you; My daddy left me

My mother raised me; only now I tell you

I was empty looking for lonely to fill me, feel me?

I was always emotional; you made me strong

Told me to choose between life and lust

I did the only thing that was natural

Told me to get lost oh how you despised me

But I kept praying; I asked God for you

Asked him to keep you for me, I prayed

That one day you’ll come around

It’s been more than four years now…you have not changed

I’m not strong anymore so I’m back to emotional

Wiping away the tears so I may see more clearly

Trying to raise a child that you continue to deny

You still call me a whore who sleeps around

Yet to this day I have not given you any reason to think this

I was always emotional, young and naive

At this you only capitalized

You were on a mission, I was just a victim

We were looking but both not seeing

Only now you tell me; if only you had told me

But today thanks to you I know

People are selfish and only look out for their own

It is now more than four years later

You still do not want this child

You still force yourself to provide

You still curse at me for making you a father

But when he’s all grown

You will claim your rights as a father

You will try turn him against me

I still pray to God for you

I pray that he keeps you

For my own selfish reasons

But my God is not selfish

So He looks at me with empathy

And tells me He knows what I don’t

So I give Him my heart

And I reast my weary soul

I pray that you find Him

For you are still on a mission

And I am no longer your victim



  1. malma · March 29, 2011

    So sad, but so well told.


  2. Mahesi · March 29, 2011

    That is how they are, sadly.


  3. futuresoul · March 30, 2011

    @Madmom- thank you kindly…


  4. futuresoul · March 30, 2011

    @Sparkle & Co- truth. thanks.


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