So much for my happy ending

I went to an interview today. Well sort of…well, how can it be an interview when I already got the job. Huh?

Let me explain, it’s a local media company that is launching an art magazine and a Municipal bulletin. They wanted me to be Editor of both publications, which according to them meant I would do Editorial, get content and edit material. For both publications. One would be on a national level while the other would be looking primarily on what happens around the province. So me being the great writer I fancied myself to be, i thought, what the hell this could be an opportunity of a lifetime. I could be making my mark while putting my name out there. You know, I though accolades, dreams and successes.

So anyway back to story, if I already knew all  that and already was doing the job for them then why would the interview be today. Don’t you usually put the cart after the donkey and not before it??! Well, technically you’d be right in thinking that, that is if you are a person who uses logic. Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of us out there- common sense proves not to be common after all. And that’s alright y’all, I aint saying we all gotta think the same. I’m just saying…alright back to the story.

It turned out I would not be willing to be working for free. I turned out that i also don’t  do substandard and mediocre. The thing is when money was mentioned  peoples started scratching their heads  coz we all know nothing is for free ya’ll. Even the freedom the claim that we have is not  free y’all  believe me. It’s how it is.

So after putting a hold on things. They called me back and told me they have a contract for me and today i must come in and dah dah. I tell you I have never been so bullsh#tted with such a smile in my entire life! They were like…oh we wanted to discuss your terms of employment and what you’re dutiess are…basically we’d like to scr3w you over backwards thank you very much.

So I was like “Is that so?” and they were like “yeah” with their cheesy smiles. Acting like they feeling something for me. They want what’s in my best interests and are now demoting me to intern where I will only be paid 500 bucks per published story which first has to be approved by my non existant Editor who I was initially supposed to be. I laugh. I laugh a big laugh.

I was like ok, give me the contract and lets see whats in it, I’ll have my lawyers look it over then get back to you. My guys looked it over and they were like “tell them to go phuck themselves, this is bullshit” hahaha. I laughed till my stomach hurt.

I have the contract in front of me now and I keep looking at it and laughing with myself and at myself.

It’s a crazy world we’re living in out there peoples. Be carefull. The world is full of vultures.




  1. TheAfricanNewsferret · April 28, 2011

    The world is full of suckers looking for a free udder.


  2. futuresoul · April 28, 2011

    @Newferret-Thank you thank you


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