v is for Victory?

Today was a good day for me. I woke up and did all the things that I set out to do. I relaxed and chilled which to me loosely translates into a good day. I am now relaxing some more. Decided to log on to the net to check out some emails . Seen the ‘non-intentionall spam form a non-intending specimen’ and some good stuff.

Decided to log on to my blog and see wsup. Always when I log on to this site I check out the news. I am amazed at the number of headlines the supposed death of Bin Laden Osama’s supposed death has. I say supposed coz I don’t believe in that cr@p, it’s all propagana. Speak to me when you have proof my man or else shut up.

What shocks me even more is America’s reaction towards this mans death. Supposed or not it is still death of a human being. A life. I hear you saying ‘hold on a minute what about 9eleven remember how many people died there in the “hands” of this man, rather beast’!! Yeah yeah, I agree with you on one point- people died. It’s a fact. But I refuse to believe that one man could single handedly distroy the lives of so many people. Suicide bombers or not- it is not possible that thousands of men would listen to the sound of the voice of one man telling them to sacrifise themselves when he needs them, with their lives by the way, I don’t think it’s possible that not even one man among those thousands did not think differently and questions about that. Unless now you want to tell me something different about man, that it is actually true that they don’t think. I doubt that.

Anyway, Bin Laden. He is dead. Osama killed him. Really? Hahahah, what did people elect a mecernary, I’m sorry y’all but there’s something odd about even the way he said it. It’s like ‘I shot the sheriff but didn’t shoot the deputy’ on caster oil. We all know he aint got what it takes, aint got the balls to be shooting nobody. Nigga, somebody else be doing the shooting for ya, now don’t go and take all the credit, come now.

It’s a laughable fiasco though, I’m enjoying watching it play out. I wonder what phantom hero they’ll come up with this time. Oh god, more of bullsh!t they serve us on a silver platter. Lord help us.



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