A question for all bloggers – Hoping you will answer

Hello to all bloggers,

I’m doing some research and I need some help. I’m writing a theory on HIV/AIDS specifically focusing on the challenges faced by orphans of this disease. At the moment I’m busy with background information to my thesis.

The question I need help with, please answer as honestly as possible while stating your reasons.

Kindly note that I may also use some of the comments as part of my reference.

Question: Do you think people living with HIV/ AIDS should be allowed to have sex (intercourse)?



  1. futuresoul · May 5, 2011

    @2-THE-T, no I don’t my dear, I’m an HIV orphan myself. I’m doing this for academic purposes. I am also doing some reading on the subject and will also be looking at such houses/organisations that care for us. I’d be grateful though if you had a few ideas to share, just to give thourough info and research.


  2. mg42 · May 5, 2011

    Someone living with HIV should have the decency to disclose their status if they have found a new partner.But ethically they should not have kids or even try as the one state sponsored AD suggests.


  3. futuresoul · May 5, 2011

    mg42-say you don’t have a stable partner or not even trying to have a stable relationship, what do you do, disclose to every one night stand/ fling?


  4. futuresoul · May 5, 2011

    @2-THE-T, I’ll be looking out for that. Much appreciated.


  5. uk-wizard · May 5, 2011

    Yes. I would not want to deprive them of their pleasure. *grin*But, with adequate advice re the risks of having children and contraception they should be able to make their own decision as to whether they want a family. I speak from a UK point of view, and our culture is different from the SA model.


  6. futuresoul · May 5, 2011

    @uk-wizard , kindly note, the questions relate to negative + positive relations and positive+ positive. I guess the next question is : would you knowingly sleep with and HIV positive person knowing their status well, assuming/pressuming you are negative? (hypothetically speaking)


  7. mg42 · May 5, 2011

    You should disclose it or at least insist on wearing a condom … this is why the disease is spreading.


  8. mg42 · May 5, 2011

    That is not right.What if your child does contract HIV even if you followed all the procedures?


  9. futuresoul · May 10, 2011

    @mg42- apparently the pill they feed to positive mothers is 90/99% guaranteed that it will work. Possibilities are slim but not non-existant. A child is born with HIV antibodies therefore once a child is born they are fed nevirapine to help them fight off the disease. I’m sure that you also know that HIV in its primary/ very early stages can be destroyed – hence they feed negative rape victims the meds immediately after it has happened.Point is : This is life. We all live it. Every day we take risks. Every day we grow closer to our death. It is amazing to me how many times in a day how many times I come so close to death, wether it is through an accident or the food that I eat. Death is inevitable. HIV positive people have a right to have children just like other people. Personally I am of the belief that those pills they feed to the mother and child to prevent transmition really don’t do any thing to prevent the virus from spreading. Rather the hand of God. Yes, I said it, it is the hand of God. Everything that happens to us is. Just that sometimes we gotta use just a bit of our own sense sometimes and not walk directly into situations like getting the virus. Other things are just beyond our control. One.


  10. mg42 · May 12, 2011

    Don’t get me wrong I do believe firmly that HIV positive people do have a right to live.My concern is for the child. The same would apply to parents who have a genetic disease that they will pass on to their child and they choose to take that chance.If a HIV positive couple have a child and it born healthy then good … if that child does contract the virus how would those parents feel let alone the child been gifted this disease.We cannot make it illegal for HIV parents to have children. All I am saying is that parents should think very carefully.


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