It feels good to be loved by none other, than yourself

It feels good to be loved by none other, than yourself

The love of others is crucial but none more important that the one

you give to yourself

Ladies I wanna know how is it possible that a man will break you

when he never even made you?

Now don’t even get me started on the technical shit

About how we all come from the seed

So now we love coz we got a need

Love is natural and none of the technical stuff they say it is

Love is natural

Here’s a story of a young girl who grew up in the slums

Not knowing it was porverty so porverty became natural

Now natural is the way of life, you just breathe

So natural becomes poverty and poverty becomes life

And life becomes love

A young girl born into life and love by a mother

who dreams of becoming inspirational

who’s inspirational dreams like the broken mirror

into a million pieces became shattered

So she dreams of a life sheltered for her daughter

if only for the natural to become unnatural

Life is love and love is life and all are natural

So under normal, rational and natural circumstances

She raises a sheltered child through broken dreams

Sheltered aint natural so soon enough there come the screams

Where was i?

Oh, i was there when the young girl lost her virginity

to her first love, ooh smelled sweet like roses

As he gently placed her on the old single matteres

and said ‘relax baby, it will only take a minute’

So she lies there young and afraid  and feeling anxious

while the feeling of being made a woman

slides up her thighs and drips while tearing and destroying

what had been a natural

The minutes up, it’s over now, told you it wouldn’t hurt

How is it possible that a man will break you when he never even made you?

The mother’s absent searching for her lost dreams

the daughter’s lost searching for her anchor

so he says ‘don’t worry baby, i’ll make you one’

African Queen, I’ll make you my queen

In here you could play, get dirty and still be clean

Just use some Vaseline so it won’t hurt as much as the last time did

So normal becomes natural and natural becomes the way

Beautiful  young girl like you don’t deserve the slums

So do the sums baybee

So normal becomes natural and natural becomes the way

African Queen you’re so smart, intelligent and beautiful

Girls from the slums don’t read magazines like you do

Girls from the slums don’t speak like you do

They don’t talk like you do, they don’t act like you do

The stuff between your thighs is potent like Voodoo

So work that magic baby like only you know you can do

It’s the way of society with twisted mentalities

Young girls to make it gotta act right and talk right

To leave the slums you gotta search for the bright lights

All the while not knowing, perhaps ignorant to the facts

The slums never leave you, they always with you

Forget the stuff that they told you

It’s the law of society

Women gotta be doormats used to be stepped on

while nigga’s be gettin all elevated

Takin  a step to heaven between her thighs

You know this even, when she back it up and twist it up,

interchanging, back and forth, back to front

Ooh, honey your hips be trippin, bed to bed

dick to dick many call her as a prostitute but

they know where to go when they want some of that good loving

Best thing they ever taught her was how to dish up

Oh, but where was I?

Oh, I was there, askin how can a man break you

when he never even made you?

Brothers be protective of their little sisters

makin sure they locked up and stayin at home all night

while they go out all night tryin to exploit some other brother’s sister

It’s the law of society

Bed to bed, pillar to post, Peter to Paul, interchanging

Make up, lipstick, fake nails, fake hair, tight jeans and good heals

We all know how conscious brothers be lovin that $hit

It’s just good lovin. No need to get complicated baby

I just want the putty tang

Tangy and sweet, you know how I like it

So what is consciousness?

It’s definately not awareness

People talk alot about what they don’t know

Young girls be curious about stuff they shouldn’t know

Society keeps quiety and act like it didn’t know

So when the young girl comes home, can barely walk

you act shocked

And then through blisters in tounge and lips she tells you

‘It was like a blade that cut me deep

Boy how i liked it when he went deep

searching and opening and discovering

making my flabby boobs the best he had seen

touching, licking and sucking, i tell you it was good’

Good lovin

Oh, but where was i?

Young girl can’t walk, can’t talk

So they look at her like she never used to rock

Coz now she got the virus and now they wanna talk

about her

Making her seem like the jezebel

when it’s the phucked up mentality

I tell you brother was on that conscious tip

talkin about days of marriage and laughter

which only led to disaster

Abusive love, confusing love is not love

So she looked in the mirror

not once did she recognise herself

Can’t make yourself feel pretty with all that make up baby

See, beauty comes from within

Oh, but where was i?

I was on that consciousness tip

Where brothers be lose with words like ‘i love you’

When he know he really don’t love you

when he know he really don’t want you

Coz you see brothers got a wife at home

But he aint telling

As long as you wont

So now strong beautifull woman becomes

A subject of many a poetry that none know about

It’s the law of society

It’s how it is, you gotta kill or be killed

Eat or be eaten, can’t have the bacon without the pig

while pigs be eatin puddin these days

You lie there, head in a daze

spliffin on some good weed, while she lies there

getting condemned for beeing loose

Now nobody wants her, can’t touch the virus y’all

Well who asked her?! Who asked you?!

It’s the law of society

Now i stand here thinkin, I don’t wanna be conscious

I just need my awareness

it’s a crazy world out there people, all i need is my glasses

and jacket

Oh, but where was i?

Sister lying there thinking deeply about how brothers cut her deeply

About how this could be her last week living

No need to get judgemental y’all we all do what we have to

It’s the law of society

Aint nobody out there gonna be lookin out for ya

coz we’re all about the paper

and so was she, at some point

So the voice of awareness now calls her

Calls her to wake up and love deeply

Live daily and praise The Most Holy

Wholely, completely to find oneness

There’s no need for pity, society has no feelings

It’s just quick to act and judge

I wonder what God will do when we already judging

I’m not preaching y’all i’m just sayin

That love is natural and none of that stuff they say it is

Love is natural and life is love and love is life

So what is consciousness?

It is definately not awareness

Your own God is your own truth

Ladies, aint no man gonna be tellin you that truth

Coz in this world it’s every man for himself

Make your own truth, choose or loose

Make your own truth, you snooze you lose

Make your own movie if you have to

Live in it if you have to

Live life completely

With or without the virus

Make God your anchor

Live life freely

Don’t get caught up in other peoples business

Start your own business

Work it from the ground and nurture it

Protect it like those lips between your thighs

Work hard, love freely

Have peace with all man

Give a stranger your last penny

Smoke with the homeless

know their stories

But most importantly

Know your story!


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