I’m over myself. Yes, me, I said it. I am over myself. I’m over my hang ups and issues. Over life’s inconsistancies and misconceptions. Life. I choose to make a butterfly out of the worms.

I’ve been giving alot of thought to this blog. Whether to terminate or not- who’s got issues now? I’m female. I’m entitled and my God also understands me coz she’s also female. So what?! Deal. Haha.

Anyway…thinking about this blog on whether to terminate or not…I think I’ll keep it. Can’t guarantee to post as regurlarly though. Right now I’m sitting here drowning trying to divert my attention from this Political Sciences 1000word essay I have to write on the Rwandan genocide. I promise you it is sucking the living daylights out of me. I so wish I was a political boffin then perhaps my life would be so much better. The noise in this place doesn’t make things any better ; regarding my concentration levels which really cannot go beyond 8decibels and 8 seconds- promise.

So there it is- the verdict. This blog stays. Regardless. It’s my journal. I love looking at it to reflect. Connecting with all the souls out there that comprehend.  Those who have been there and done that. Inspiring those who just might be there and do that.

I’m thinking of going to smoke. Maybe i’ll come back lank zonked. I doubt it though…smoking mpondo only keeps me smiling for all of ten minutes but a high is still a high nonetheless, right? Right!

Later then.


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