Hello my people! ,

It’s really been since I’ve been here…been busy with other stuff. Tried to locate this blog, lost it and now it seems I’ve found it again. Glad.

Today is a happy day for me. I think I’m achieving most of what I set out to do this year. Studies are a bit on the I wont say side ha ha. I miss all my friends who have left this institution and all my blogger friends on this site!

Someone is making me happy or rather the decision to be with someone is making me happy. We are free and uncomplicated as opposed to my last relationship- in fact we are so free we are not even in a relationship…but damn is it good…i’m talking better than ice cream good…better than a Steers burger- dare I say!

My poetry is taking a life of its own- I’m back to reciting again…so I wish I could voice record and paste it here for you to hear. I know you aint got nothing but love for me fam.

Even when I might not see you, or keep in touch as much as I would like to…you are in my heart. I think about your crazy, hilarious, angry, mundane(at times), gory and fascinating thoughts and post!

Keep well till we ‘meet’ again!




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