The L blog

Morning bloggers!

I thought I’d check in and  see how everyone is doing. I’ve had my first smoke for the day. The sun is shining and I got my shades on. Life is beautiful.

Varsity life is a bit on the hectic again. I’m working with a team that is currently running amock and I must pull on my Director hat again. Nothing more toxic than having to raise your voice when you really would rather not. However duty calls and a girl must do what a girl must do.

It’s May, folk are getting ready to graduate and I can’t wait to see myself in that black dress with that black hat, yes, I said it, me in that  hideous gown 🙂 . Next year this time it will be me.

I have to dash to go see my interviewees which have been ducking and diving so I may be able to finish my research project. A big thank you to that sms from anonymous ” It is better to light a candle than curse at the darkness” . I feel ya. Candle it is. I feel easy. Light. Dare I say happy.

My man is out of town and I miss him dearly. Not sure yet when he will be back but I scheme that it’s better this way. Maybe I can get a whole lot more done than to just stare at him the entire day smiling.

Maybe later on I can hook myself up with some greenery ? Mmm sounds like a good plan.

Folks, I must bounce. Have fun!




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