day two

I still feel weird, everything is out of place. Perhaps it’s the change of scenery. Most say I will get used to it and soon enough I won’t mind as much as I do now. I miss home, my family, my man and my baby.

I am broke, haha, infact broke is an understatement, yet I am living.


Just went to the bank to sort out those issues, now I need to find a government clinic then that issue is sorted.


Next on the list is finding out where to catch the bus from where I stay: the more money I can save the better.


Then I need a  cheaper place to stay, coz I’m sharing a room with this girl and I just paid her R1,200.00. It’s not a lot when you think of it but it is when you’re thinking that I’m sharing a room. Maybe move to the townships? Life.


I’m ok though…all things considered. I’m alive and well. I thought I’d be dead {ok, ok 🙂 } . Now all I really need is a blunt and to be One with His plan.


Later days.




  1. Wrong · July 3, 2012
  2. futuresoul · July 4, 2012

    Aaauwww….thanx so much Wrong…makes me feel so included in an isolated city 🙂


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