Wishful thinking

I have a complete dislike for getting up in the morning. I find it such a pain. I mean why must you be up at five in the morning in this cold weather? Can’t the government declare all winter seasons non working seasons?


I mean imagine, never having to wake up in the morning and you could just lie in bed and have a warm breakfast or soup (depending on how cold it is obviously). Wouldn’t that be nice?


Like the government would supply Woolies soup and bread to each and every household for the entire season? I think South Africa would indeed be a great place to live in. Imagine the boosted tourism and economy! Sometimes I do wonder why I’m not president myself : ok, note to self, become next president. Good.




The other day I was thinking out loud to some buddies over a couple of beers. Guys have it easy as opposed to us girls. I related how a guy friend of mine came to pick me up from my house to go and have a couple of drinks by the beach erea. Now after about six odd ones our bladders were complaining and all he had to do was stand behind a tree and voila! I on the other hand had to scratch my head coz I was wearing jeans and my bum was about to be viewed by all and sundry ! There were no public toilets.


So now I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if we were hemaphrodites? I mean all I would do in that instance is point and shoot, no problem!  I think it would be nice to have both parts in one body don’t you say? I’m sure we could find other things to do with them than just my idea….for one, I think rape is one of the things we wouldn’t worry about as women ….what’s your take?


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