Jozi morning

I am looking foward to the day I actually go home and tell them all the news about my Jozi life, my Jozi experience.

I’m sure all you Joburgers out there are used to certain things by now, like the stuff that continues to amaze me is like not so amazing to you.

Like getting to work in the morning, my goodness. You know I get into a taxi and I think “Lord please be with me on this journey”. I mean,  how can I not..hehe. Let’s start with the traffic, how many people actually live here? I promise the traffic starts from here all the way up to Maputo. Then the highway/ freeway…I have never seen a taxi going so fast. I was clenching my teeth! I checked the Speedometer and surprise surprise it doesn’t work. Just as well that I don’t know at what speed we’re travelling in.

But since I’m not that good at maths here help me out, if it’s roughly a 30 minute journey and we make it within 15 minutes to work , how fast were we travelling? Do not dare get into the taxi drivers way as he cuts and dives at every corner. I promise you the only time I feel safe is when we land. I say land because we fly the entire time. Joburg taxi’s are the new private jets I tell you. Maybe Msholozi should consider buying one as opposed to the multi-million boeing, I promise he’d make it to wherever he’s going faster.

What’s your Jozi morning experience?




  1. Wrong · July 6, 2012


  2. futuresoul · July 9, 2012

    What’s that Wrong? 🙂


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