I think I’m gonna get fat or gain weight. I eat alot. At least more than I used to back at home. I now have breakfast in the morning and a cup of coffee full of full cream milk. I should cut down if I don’t want to look like a hippo soon.


I’m  concerned about my weight because I have this belly that pops out and hangs loose as soon as I add 5kilo’s. I’ve managed to keep it under control but if I’m not careful you’ll be able to see it before you see me coming.


I never used to have a problem with my weight, when I was younger I could afford to drink-all and eat-all. It was easy and I was a size 28, imagine! Now at age 28 I cannot even dream of fitting into that size. I’m sorry but I wont eat leaves just to lose weight. I think I’m comfortable with size 34/36 for my body and I don’t want to go over that.


A friend of mine once said that once you reac a certain age, your body looks a certain way. Your hips start to have a life of their own, I was born with ‘booty’ so I wont even mention the trauma of maintaining it (the joys of being a black girl huh?)


Anyway, if you’re out there and you know of a better way to keep the belly and booty at bay without losing out on good food, please share.


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