So my friend lands on Idols SA

Some time ago last year I met this girl through a friend of mine who goes by the alias H.I.M (Human Is Mind/ His Imperial Majesty). I wanted to interview them for an article I wanted to write about artists in the Eastern Cape. Little did I know then I would direct a doccie on poetry/ art a year later.

I digress, this girl, super weird, had on this BIG white round sunglasses and had this weird hairdo. She had three ‘circles’ on her head. When I asked she said I should google something about some islands. Never got to do that.

They had backpacks and were off to sing in some backpackers for the weekend. Everything was so rushed. We added each other on Facebook and that was that.

Now, she’s on Idols. Not only because I’ve met the “Diva from the River” will I tell you to vote for her or that she has an absolutely amazing voice but because this girl has been pushing for a while now. She has an album which I used to listen to back at home. Alright, her music may not appeal to the masses because she does a lot of soul and that but she got something special.

There is so much undiscovered talent in the Eastern Cape people I say this not only because I am from there but because it is truth. I have had the pleasure of meeting souls with more love, fire, humility, strenght and guidance than you can imagine. Of this I am grateful.

Anyway, she’s my girl (… đŸ™‚ yes of course I will drop that ) and she is talented. Give her a chance SA, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thabz I know you have made it beyond Idols love, your ‘previous’ albums are proof of this. I know you got soul and more talent.

More fire pon the princess, heart of strenght and love, more and more blessings still.






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