My family…Vinnie Mac

Guys I need you to stop whatever it is you’re doing and listen to this. It’s just that I don’t want you to say you were not warned about stuff like this. East London has talent y’all.

I wanna introduce you to the family that I come from…maybe soon…you will hear something from me too…who knows?

It’s sad though that most artists don’t get recognition until they ‘miraculously’ get discovered by someone from Joburg. Meanwhile they’ve been hustling all their lives just for a gig to pay the bills back at home.

This is the family that I come from Ladies and Gentlemen, the stuff that good soul music is made of. It is even more refreshing when you see fresh, young talent following the likes of great musical icons.

I am delighted to see this video on youtube among all the ‘clutter’ that is in there. I am even more delighted to have th honour of being part of the same team as this guy.

Vinnie Mac…I am super proud of you dude!



  1. Wrong · July 18, 2012
  2. futuresoul · July 18, 2012

    Oh hello you! How are you? Thanks for the ‘gift’ 🙂


  3. I-like-silly · July 18, 2012

    your background is so sad….oxo


  4. futuresoul · July 18, 2012

    background as in blog wallpaper? 🙂 or just me?


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