I don’t know why I’m thinking about this now but it just cropped up in my head. Some time ago…maybe a year or so, can’t remember, I had a conversation with a friend.

I think I was single then or going through a break up, can’t remember much about that either but I remember vaguely a conversation about the kind of guy I wanted to have in my life. Something about praying for the right man.

Anyway, I started thinking then about the guy I wanted in my life and I posted it as a status update on facebook. I said, I wanted a guy with the intellect of Tyler Perry, the looks of Will Smith, the voice of Maxwell and the flow of Mos Def.

People responded with much sarcarsm, laughter, mockery, shock and disbelief. Mainly they said my wish list was set rather high and was next to impossible. Hahaaha …I’m now laughing and thinking about it..

I beleive I’ve found this guy…ok ok he doesn’t croon beautiful tunes like Maxwell and neither does he look like Will Smith but he’s smart, funny, and can mc like crazy. Beleive he is the dopest mc I’ve ever met.

He has this big afro and holds me like I am the most important thing in his life. He looks at me each time like he sees me for the first time.

I could go on…but I don’t wanna make you green with envy hahah.

Point is…if you aim for the stars you might just reach the moon.

Little girls should never stop beleiving and dreaming, even when we are told it is impossible.

So aim for the stars y’all so IF you should fall at least you’ll land on the moon. Oh and don’t compromise on the value of that dream, hold on to it as close and as tight as you can.

Don’t forget to work towards it coz dreams are just fantasies waiting to be realised at the end of the day, so if you just sit there, nothing will happen.

Open doors, don’t fear challenges…remember every action leads to a consequence that eventually takes you towards your destiny. See nothing as bad but always an opportunity.

Smile and say hello, say please and thank you. I’m sorry goes a long way especially when it comes from the heart.

Believe and most importantly…be yourself. No matter what the cost.



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