Loo business

So I moved to Soweto this weekend, the move was not so much bad as was the shopping for the household goods and food. It didn’t help matters either that we moved on the weekend and didn’t have our own transport.

Our good friend agreed to help us, at a fee of course nothing is for free in Joburg, he was kind and patient as we got lost and the landlady didn’t know how to give directions. Oh my goodness did she waste airtime by making as if she actually knew and made us lost even more!

But eventually we made it and we moved in.

 The entire weekend my tummy had been giving me troubles. I was weak , weak, weak to a point I didn’t wanna eat. Thank God for my hubby who made sure I did eat.

Been running to the loo more times than I care to count.

Got to work late this morning coz I got lost trying to figure out the taxi system…waited for  a whole 45 minutes just for a taxi to pitch! Omg, I was late for work.

Got here and my tummy was still buggin. I am now drinking hot water with a thick slice of lemon hoping it will help.

I feel very tired…yes I got it all this morning , phuck, I mean hello….but apart from that I never slept coz my tummy would wake me up in the middle of the night! Oi vei!! sigh….

Here’s hoping you are all well….despite that….the show must go on…it’s work as usual…stomach bug or no stomach bug…




  1. Lube · July 30, 2012

    ….ouch!…..rehidrate…..buy it at the local pharmacy….does wonders and also very handy when you ever do develop a “babalas”


  2. futuresoul · July 30, 2012



  3. futuresoul · July 30, 2012

    Thanks so much Lube !!!


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