chiphi- chiphi (tear drop)

I am so afraid

I am afraid of uncertainty

This may be the end of the road

Or one of those BIG TESTS

I have a headache I haven’t slept

Never did I think tere would come a day

A night I spend sleepless worrying

About you and the big rat that inhabited our house

I never thought I would cry

Being hurt by news of you

Choosing not to come home

And drinking our last money

You say ‘I’m sorry’

Now I’m stuck with a heavy burden

To forgive and still do the right thing

Oh! where do we go from here?

I never knew this was what

I was letting myself into

You seem not to care

In fact you couldn’t be bothered

So I ask myself why should I?

When promises to protect and love have flown out the window

When ‘this is for us’ no longer matters?

I am at work and I have a headache

Perhaps this is just another test

If not, it’s a really sad goodbye



  1. Wrong · August 6, 2012



  2. futuresoul · August 6, 2012

    šŸ˜„ not


  3. Wrong · August 6, 2012

    Dont cry babe..


  4. futuresoul · August 6, 2012

    but it hurts…ouch!


  5. Wrong · August 6, 2012

    It all passes by.


  6. futuresoul · August 6, 2012

    thanks love…I have to say I’m dreading this evening. We are having ‘the talk’ and I have no idea what I’m gonna say. And I’m thinking whatever it is that we do say we’ll either make us or break us…either way…it all passes by šŸ™‚


  7. Wrong · August 6, 2012

    I love poets. Im myself like that. But in Russia – in russian.


  8. futuresoul · August 6, 2012

    We are rather eccentric and emotional-or maybe that’s just me hahaha…but I like that I can look at life with such bravery and honesty even when it hurts sometimes….please post some of your writings if you have šŸ™‚ would really love to read it.


  9. Wrong · August 6, 2012

    I could write to you. It is true. But I write in Russian. How are you going to understand me? )


  10. Wrong · August 6, 2012

    I will translate to you the meaning of one of my poems – I do not know English well, so do not expect me to rhyme.You’re brave, you are tender ..I’m giddy, I’m the same -Reproaches and curses,I betray you though ..But occasionally – a doubt -You have to suffer at the moment,My one Touch -You chase away the sorrowGait, shadow, movement -You’re the ghost of the deity.You’re brave, you are sweet ..I’m windy, I remain the same ..


  11. futuresoul · August 7, 2012

    šŸ™‚ warms my heart!


  12. Wrong · August 7, 2012

    Ah-ha-ha )


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