Soweto nightmares

Here we go again…on the move or at least thinking about it. I’m thinking about moving out of Soweto to a different location. To say living there is a battle would be the understatement of the year. My man says complaining and looking for sympathy is a sign of weakness but eih let me be weak if that is the case.


Every morning I wake up at 03:55 just to put on the water- I don’t have a kettle yet so I use the stove, get up at 04:30 to wash and get dressed. By 05:30 I’m all done , ready to step out there door making my way to the bus stop which is about 15minutes away. The bus is scheduled to arrive at 06:00 but it being it , it arrives anytime from then to 06:15 or 06:20 as was the case this morning. The traffic is beyond your typical nightmare. All lanes covered in red/ yellow lights with long – bumper-to-bumper madness. The speed at which you can travel is 20/40kph which basically means I get to work at 09:00 when I’m supposed to be here by 08:00. By the afternoon I am so sleepy and tired I can barely concentrate and someone said that Joburg is not the city for people who wanna sleep or they don’t sleep in Joburg or whatever to that effect, dunno don’t care. I need my sleep.


If I leave work at 15h15 I will be able to catch the 15h30 bus which will drop me off at a linking station, the linking bus usually arrives at 16h00 which means I get home at 18h30 if the bus goes fast enough or there isn’t as much traffic. However, if I come in at 09h00 I need to leave work at 17h00 which means I will only get home at 20h30!


Now let’s get to the financial aspect, a bus ticket cost R600.00p.m. I overspent by R100 on my grocery budget this month and ended up having to pay R175.00 for a bus tag and bus fare which I only used for the three days left in that week. This Sunday I couldn’t afford to go buy the ticket as it is somewhere ‘far’ which is not known by me so I ended up paying cash. It costs me R21.00 for a single bus fare to work and to return I pay R33.00!


The taxis are worse, in the morning , no matter how early you wake up you have to stand in a queue and the only time you get into a taxi is when a taxi marshal is around. They usually arrive at 07h00 and really like taking their own sweet time to get you a taxi to Joburg. When you eventually get the taxi, there’s traffic and it takes about an hour to get to Joburg. So I get there in the time I’m supposed to be at work to get another taxi which will get me to work. I am really struggling and the obnoxious taxi drivers do not make my plight any better!


So now I’m hoping and praying to fix this problem. I’m looking for a new place that is affordable with less transport hassles.


Sigh…wish me luck! 



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