Give Thanks

You are complete, as you were born-you need nothing more to complete you. You need not hide in the shaddows while pretending to be something you are not. You are a true reflection of the Creative, you need nothing more to express this than just to be. Others may dislike you, dislike your way of thinking, say things about you but know,  it is only because you are you and they in turn are looking for the paths to themselves.

We’re all lost, looking and searching for something or someone. The will to live for others is much stronger. Some are smarter. You cannot be everybody. Find what works for you and live it trully. Do not enforce your views onto other person(s), you may only express your opinion and hope that it is indeed the accurate one. Some win some lose, it is the way of life. The Balance of all things Nature. The Expression of the Divine.

Stumbling and falling is not the epitome of the wrath of the Creator but it is in learning through these lessons that we become wiser. The quest is unending, there is no true definition, no right or wrong way, just the way. Wisdom comes to those who seek it. Enlightment comes to those who create spaces for inner peace.

Love is limitless, give it in abundance. Kindness is a gift, surprise someone every once in a while. Look out for yourself, look after yourself, these lead to happiness and inner well being.

There will always be negative energies, there will always be times of sorrow and sadness, there will always be drought and turmoil. Imagine then how much brighter the sun after the heaviest storm.

Words like these are easy to put out and harder to implement, catch phrases, quouets, cliches and gibberish that no one wants to talk about or hear.

Eloquency goes along way, say please and thank you whenever you can. Dream the biggest dream ever, make it the most impossible dream and work towards it. In a challenge , don’t run but stay on and fight, you’ll be amazed to find out just how much ‘the enemy’ fears a fight. The demons you face head on usually go away much faster than you originally imagined.

There is a warrior in each and every one of us, waiting to be acknowledged and recognised. Different ideals separate us and make us think we are different when we bleed the same.

Subliminal messages play into our minds and make us beleive the spirit is lost. We look to others for atonement when they  are stuck with their own lives and have their own problems.

Don’t be someone else, you are not guaranteed to win because chances are you will be playing their game and not yours therefore at some point are bound to fail.

Whenever you can, take a moment to praise God/Jah/Allah/Bhudda/Creator/Spirit/Life/Divine/ whatever you know Him/Her/It to be. Give thanks and praises for all things.

*All this I say because I’ve learnt a great deal about life and people. I’ve learnt that people judge you for being you. I’ve learnt  how society dictates how we must be, how the media and the government dictates to us who we must be. I’ve learnt that the world is ruthless and generosity is unusual. Society is mad and so am I so what am I to do? I cannot help your beleifs and thoughts about me, they are yours and shame I’m sorry I cannot be who you need me to be. The truth is my own and that is all I know. I won’t run just because you are chasing me. I will stand and fight coz I am born from a long leaneage of Warriors. Therefore I govern my world. I am the Queen. The epitome of all that is good and bad. The Balance of Life. The reflection of Creativity. I was born perfect yet society dictates otherwise. I refuse to conform. I refuse to run. I will fight. For soldier is what I am. But my battle is of the different kind- intellectual and spiritual. *



  1. Liquidgloves · August 10, 2012

    I love your blog. I will have to spend a lot more time reading your wonderful material! Wishing you and your family a wonderful day!Rene


  2. futuresoul · August 10, 2012

    Thank you so much! You somehow managed to inspire this post. Thanks and Love.


  3. Liquidgloves · August 10, 2012

    Can I just mention that your blog provide us readers with a strong and wise impression that is not often found today. Please feel free to continue to write to me or question me on any subject that comes to mind. Continue to send out love vibes and you will reap amazing rewards.Rene


  4. futuresoul · August 10, 2012

    Ohhh….You are a blessing! More than words could say. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


  5. Liquidgloves · August 10, 2012

    Only a pleasure!Rene


  6. futuresoul · August 10, 2012



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