It’s official, my ticket has been booked and I am scheduled to go home tomorrow. Ooohh my word I am so not looking forward to the +12hour drive to get there.

Just spoke to my aunt now and got all the refs and that. Is it mad though that I don’t feel like going home, like at all?! I wish there was a way that I could go on the day of the funeral and then be gone again. Sorry but I don’t think I will enjoy spending time with the entire family, like all of them in one space. It gets crowded and I suffocate.

My family can have more drama than the Bold and Beautiful when they like and usually in scenarios like the one we are attending people step on people’s toes. Plus I like my own space which I wont have when there. I’m mad.

First I couldn’t wait to go and now I don’t wanna go but I have to. On the up side though I will see my son and my friends whom I have missed ever so dearly! Oh my goodness it’s gonna be grand to see them again. Family? Not …no I’m not convinced. Ok maybe for the first 30seconds then after that-flat.

Maybe I’ll go and chill somewhere, have a fat blunt then come home, that way I wont give a $hit what they get up to. I can just focus on my son.

I’ll miss my baby though cos he wont be heading down with me, oh my, what will I do without him? I’ll miss him alot, ok LoyZaR , how many days is this trip, let’ s see, I’m leaving tomorrow, get there on Friday morning, funeral Sat, whatever traditions on Sun then I leave on Monday…yippeee!

Only pray to keep it together till then.


Later then!


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