August is gone…hello September

The month of Spring, or at least they say it is

I reckon it is all a perception

State of mind

We may argue

But I wont bother

It’s all the same

The bus was five minutes lates today

Got me thinking

About my journey

Why I am here

I hope I have not misrepresented

I feel like coffee and muffins

With pride and honour on the side, thank you

Life is demented

Running around in circles

Like that rat running in that endless cycle in that cage

What do you call that? Yeah that

Now besides broken pieces one has to find normalcy

What do you do when evil admits its sins?

Even I have no clue but to what I know to be true

Justice in time will be served

Justice is served

I can only do my part

From then on you must take the steps

I feel like buttered bread and toast

Extra hungry today

Woke up with that appetite

That zest for life

Things are crazy

It’s like I’m in this store with lots of hazy lights

It’s crAZY

Everyone has opinions

I must grow up and think

That’s not the weird part

It’s the perception of Life



  1. I-like-silly · September 3, 2012



  2. futuresoul · September 3, 2012

    Wow, thank you! 🙂


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