Weekend chronicles

Since last week I’ve been living at this backpackers/ lodge in Rosebank. Must say my first night there felt like absolute freedom – I slept , I was tired …ooh nice. I met this black lady from America. Such a sweetheart. Where’s that email address…? Mmm..email sent.

I’m currently wearing these nice earrings she got in Cape Town , very funky I must say. Contrary to my initial thought – the weekend wasn’t a total flop. I met some cool people, ok Friday was a bit of a drab, stayed in doors , watched TV, stuffed my face, talked garbage but I learned something on that Friday about the place I live.

I was chilling with Sonja , who’s backpacking from Germany and she just asked me how things operate in SA. I was like , what do you mean? Well, she said, there’s this guy who looks like the owner here and he was pissed off that I was staying with you at the dorm. Apparently its only meant for black people. Imagine!

Apparently there’s an area reserved only for white people , with posh TV’s and a pool , working toilets and showers and all that stuff. Apparently if you’re white, you can get a better room for less the price I would pay as a black person. Wow, South Africa , at this day and age? She was beyond shocked. She insisted on staying at the dorm regardless,Β  needless to say the owner was furious. Apparently it is common knowledge that he is this way , generally. Hmm….

Saturday, I decided to go to the Art Gallery that is close by. Since I’ve lost my phone , I have no concept of time. So I woke up at about 11 (this I got from the guy who told me), got ready and left. I met some interesting people, we chatted- it was nice. I then ran into another character who it seems is turning out a friend. We had some smokes together and before you know it we could not separate! We chilled and chatted about a whole range of issues. That was nice. He left, promised to come back , it started to rain heavily so that idea flew out the window.

So I spent the evening plonked in front of the TV again, I got new roomies – two guys. I seriously must move out of that place as in yesterday. Imagine sharing a room with two men. Not ayoba I must say. They were nice though I have to say. We chilled until the wee hours of the morning. Eventually plonking ourselves on the beds.

Sunday, I decided to just chill. I wasn’t going anywhere so I decided to plant myself…guess where…hahaha. To my rescue my friend came through and we went to the Pick n Pay to get a bus tag and the plan was to go to town immediately afterwards. On the way from Pick n Pay we went to the park for the ‘big chill’ . There some really cool oke started coming through. I must be brave, I was the only girl , chilling with a whole lot of boys , oh my word! πŸ™‚ but I enjoyed it.

I had to bounce so my friend and I walked to the bus stop, much to the dislike of others πŸ™‚ shame man they are kind souls. I promised to return. I got a taxi to town and off was I . I had to get some stuff from back in Soweto where I left the rest of my stuff to begin with.

I was anxious / nervous on the way there I must say. Not really knowing what to expect really. Anyway I got there and he wasn’t there. Which I don’t know yet whether was good or bad. The landlord was busy telling me how he’d changed, he was sorry, he even did the laundry -twice, I heard. Apparently he really, really , really misses me. Why am I not surprised? So now we must be on this I love you, I hate you cycle? Why? No , I don’t want to be.

I left him a note telling him how I feel and what I think should happen, don’t know how that will help matters. I still feel partly responsible for him I must say, even though I really shouldn’t. I mean I am SO sure that the only reason he’s sorry is that the food and rent are running out. Nah, that’s ugly, I can’t say that besides it’s speculation really.

So I packed , bit of food, clothes and toiletries and left the key with the landlord who suggested I really give some thought to our relationship and not run away as that wouldn’t solve anything. I think she’s right but I don’t think I’m running, I think I’m doing what’s best , for me really. It doesn’t make any sense now but I’m sure it will soon plus I don’t wanna be caught up in some viscous violent cycle which I know I will be if I let this relationship carry on.

Anyway, I left. Back to Rosebank, sunny and sweet with ….hmm no potholes haha. I got back to my room and the guys were like ‘we are hungry please cook for us’, what could I do? Everyone brought whatever they had -pots, spices, pap, lentils and all that. I bought it all together and we had a meal.

One of them offered his rusks which I must say were absoulutely SCRUMSCIOUSLYDELICIOUS …I was having an orgasm over them. They are chocolate so you understand , don’t you? πŸ™‚

One of them begged me to stay and watch a movie with him, in fact , he insisted. Which I did. I got tired and left his room for mine. Got in and slept like a baby. Only to wake up at six…

Today …I must attend counselling with Al-Anon…we’ll see how that goes. More on that later peeps.







  1. Jeanius · September 17, 2012

    πŸ™‚ You might have said that you are in Cape Town:)


    • LoyZaR · September 20, 2012

      hehehehe …for some reason I find that funny J, no I’m not …the heart of Joburg…amazing! πŸ™‚


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