Self love

Things change, this I must know, they have been changing since I was born, since inception, dare I add.

There’s a famous quote on change , how it is the only constant. I have changed, into what, yet I must discover. I have grown in my small little way. I am learning what it  feels like to smell the roses again. The feeling is almost intimidating. Self love.

Knowledge is power and words are magic, both have the power to heal and hurt equally. Most days I am up and some I am down. It’s life I suppose.

I guess I had been intimidated by the will to leave alone once more yet it has liberated me as my worries are my own and no-one else’s.  I have been reflecting, on the power I had or thought I’d had. The power I have, the will to live and carry on despite dissapointments.

Self love, will, power. Being female and being in charge. I’m grateful to have met many phenomenal women who have had the courage to show this power within.

Why do we women let go of our power so easily? Why do we give in to temptation? It’s like being on a diet and still eating chocolate all the while telling yourself it isn’t doing much harm. When the voice in the back of your head is always letting you know what’s up.

Too many rights and wrongs, do’s and don’ts. Why are we filled with soft hearts that are not capable of living with thoughts of hurting others?

This makes me wonder when there are so many women sitting in jails currently for murder and other atrocities.

I wonder a lot these days. It’s beautiful though as right now I feel not lost, I have a sense of well being , a sense of knowing that all eventually turns out well – despite the odds.

I have this sense that a Higher power is existing somehow in this madness I call my life. I am strong again.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to face a challenge which I thought I could not. I am not there yet but the mini leaps I am taking are taking me there.

It’s sad though, to leave others behind even when you know all you are doing is what is best for you and for them. It’s weird mostly.

Aagh, if this is growing up then I am enjoying it. I pray to grow in strenght. Eternally in His favour. Blessing pouring, even in challenges.

A friend told me this morning – it is not the act of the mistake that makes us who we are but rather how we react to it.

A thought to process.

More Love, Guidance and Strenght to all!




  1. Jeanius · October 8, 2012

    Good stuff:)


    • LoyZaR · October 9, 2012

      Many thanks love 🙂


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