My thoughts this morning

Words ….and their meaning. I love them.

Today I am lost in music, it is one of those good days and I am appreciative of the fact that I am alive , first of all. Thanks be to the Creator of all Life.

Yesterday was interesting, in the fact that it will never be again yet it always will be…in my head and heart.

There are some very strong and phenomenal women in this world believe me. Women who push and pull with all their might. As if with hands and hearts of Iron. I cannot tell you where their strenght lies or where it comes from. They are exceptional.

I met an old man yesterday, who it seems had been a fool for love, met this girl on the Internet, exchanged long conversations. Long story short , there was money involved, more than once and she never showed up. Only smses. I love you baby. All the way up North.

He is an old man, young me thought he would be wiser. I learned that the more we learn is the more we do not know. The more we grow older the younger we become…sometimes. There I was , young me consoling old him, sad as he was, he’s a soldier though so he’ll fight soon enough. That I know.

Phenomenal women, I am blessed to be able to count myself as one of them. In love with myself most of all, loving the sun on my skin and the smile on my face. That is beautiful …one of those priceless moments in life.

It’s good to stand out, be the exception. Lend a helping hand when you can and even when you feel you can’t coz somedays are like that. It’s good to lift one another up and not stand in awe or judgement. I believe life is not about that.

See I believe there is this great mistery about life that we all have yet to discover. Some have been blessed with the knowledge and Presence of such Life. They find joys in the stillness, take each moment and see every fibre of Time , every colour of the day. Trully blessed.

I wont stop , I wont stop! I wont let go , I will hold on with all that I have, one more day. This moment, alive now, I wont let go. My heart will continue to sing and give Thanks. I will continue to give blessings and Praise.

I love love. Give it in abundace, mostly to thyn self and then to others. No matter the situation. Even in the darkest hour, in the darkest corner -Believe ! In something, in someone- yourself.

Some days are better and some are not. Life is but a bouquet of roses I tell you- It is so soft , precious, beautiful and smells just as wonderful eish but those thorns! Imagine then a rose without thorns…pretty boring.

Anyway, phenomenal and exceptional people…you are one of them.



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