Blessed I am

It’s his birthday tomorrow and I’ve been trying hard not to remember and the funny part is I have not been forgetting.

I’ve been thinking that if I don’t remember then I wont know or remember what it feels like to miss him so much. Just to be able to give him a hug and scoop him up from the bath tub and kiss his bum.

The sensation of putting lotion on his skin and picking outfits for the day and seeing him run off after his meal. Only to be alarmed again by the sound of his footsteps as he runs into the house looking for a ball or the other that he had yesterday and wants to play with today.

Combing his hair. Seeing him laugh. I miss him so very very much and keeping myself really does not seem to help.

I think I will give him a call tomorrow…surprise him. It’s been six years, wow…how amazing a journey it has been. I look forward to the next 60. Raising a man. What an honor, God has truly blessed me. With the honor of carrying life inside of me. And bringing it forth to this sphere.

I am blessed and if anything I cherish each and every moment. For every bruise and sore I clean. For each bell of laughter I hear. The giggles when we tickle. For being able to see you sound asleep. How the lower lip always hangs…These are just some of the things I love.

I tip of an iceberg to express my gratitude. So today I try not to forget but remember every single detail. From birth to this hour and beyond.

Blessed I am!



  1. siphokazi · October 23, 2012

    I will try and cary those words in an act of kindness to you both.

    Stay strong hun


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