The job

Petros’s  father passed away a year ago and he asked for a leave at
so that he can prepare some rituals as his mother was about to pass
mourning process.

 The discussion between him and his boss was as follows:

Petros: You know moss boss my father died last year

Boss: Yha I remember that and that was a very sad moment

Petros: so boss I need leave

Boss: Your father died last year and you need leave this year?

Petros: Yes boss, I have to go home and undress my mother and do my
father’s job

Boss (shocked): But why would you do such a horrible thing

Petros::: All black people do it

The confused boss granted the leave anyway. On Monday when Petros
back the boss asked  what happened

 Boss: How did your father’s job go?

Petros: It went well, it was a little bit hard for my mother when it
started  because it’s been a year since my father died, mother cried a
little bit but after a while was smiling and she was very proud of me,
she said I did my father’s job exactly the same way my father did my
grandfather’s job.

And the boss fainted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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