Days usually fly past but not today…today is just dragging and it isn’t even because there is nothing to do for there is always something to do – the active mind is not content in stillness.

I’m reading this book by author, Osho, which as far as I have read deals with Creativity…so far what I’ve seen is the innerstanding of creativity. The art of losing. Opening.

I do not know what to make of last night’s sequence of events, Osho reckons I should rejoice. I think it’s more on forgiveness for the self. Things past. The past cannot be changed and neither can I reflect on it to identify who I truly am.

Unjustifiable thoughts have filled my head and the words I have spoken have all but shocked me. I am surprised. Lately though I notice that I express through thought more than speech. I feel more comfortable this way. Somehow I wish the world was more silent, listening.

Perhaps it is I who must realise this, my head makes no sense. The head never makes sense …it tries to rationalise things, put them in different compartments in an effort to clear up space for the next thing that needs to be boxed.

I’m sick of these boxes becuase not only are they taking up a lot of space but they are ugly.

I do wonder sometimes about what I’ve become..who I am yet to be and I wonder why really …perhaps it is the active mind again.

Tonight …I do not know the future by any means however I am meditating…lavitating and gravitating towards a more peaceful and loving me.

The glass is beyond shattered and seems cannot be mended, aah well..what would be the point of trying to salvage spoilt milk?

Life is for living…sunglasses…big floppy straw hat and let’s go…



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