The Unknown

How much further and how much longer shall we tolerate and live in this web of lies? How much longer shall we continue to speak in whispered murmurs? Hushed tones and darting eyes with palpitating hearts?

Everyone knows what is going on, everyone has an opinion , I included. The thing is the way things stand right now no one is content.

What then is left to be done? 100 years of struggle vs 1m years of oppression. The way it stands now as I see it. He is black and she is white , that we cannot deny. In my eyes they are the same. Different in their sexuality but still cunning none the less. As I see it we will always be standing here, like sheep waiting to be devoured.

I see robots in human form, following blindly to someone’s ideal. An elusive dream that is really not existant. That’s it, suck the life out of you. Make the pins more sharper and the robots follow harder. Everyone has a price. There is too much that the masses do not know.

Belief systems make us the way we are, believing in getting by, keeping the peace, order, norm. Belief systems. Fears of unknowns…what lies out there, what if.

Blame it on the illiterate, this system did not work for them , neither does it work for I. I do not believe in it. There is so much of it everywhere, it is the real virus, the REAL killer, a serial killer that penetrates our villages with sharp fangs devouring all in sight. Blame it on the illiterate for this system did not work for them, so they exploited it to their advantange.

My people , open your eyes and see. My people , open your eyes and see.


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