Journey ….

Today is working out better than yesterday. I slept with a goodnight kiss on my forehead … all rather virtual really. I can almost feel that we’re heading towards the ‘end’ of the year. My body is tired and I was telling a colleague yesterday that even though I am getting adequate sleep by terms dictated by other people , which I don’t know and have never heard of, I still wake up tired.

He explains it as not being used to it and assures that soon all will be gone. My life in the tech world is starting to feel normal. Though I must confess I never imagined my life here. Come to think of it I never really took the time to think about how jumping from one province to the next would affect me, suppose that is a good thing. I knew though that all that was good would guide me somehow.

So I moved here and everything was different, from big streets to tall buildings and even bigger personalities however I still felt home beat this city by far. I mean home has real human beings as opposed to all the robots I see here…following anything and anyone that seems to shine bright enough.

My work was daunting at first. I had no clue what they were talking about and reading one sentence from a book that they publish would be enough to give me a headache. To a certain extent I still do not know half the stuff they talk about. I have learned a few things though here and there and at times I do long for the other journalism. The kind that chases after stories and does investigative pieces. I still long for that…perhaps it is still in my journey who knows.

There are many things I dream of pursuing …perhaps I should work hard towards them hey? To say it has been a rollercoaster ride would be understating it more than a tad believe me. Stuff just happened most of the time and I had no faith that I was well equipped to deal with them. At times they would just shock me…I think mostly they shocked me.

I do believe that a Higher Power exists out there no matter what you call ‘it’ and that ‘it’ does look out for us. I received so many souls who bothered to help me out along the way and make the journey tolerable somehow. Women and Men who have made me stronger ….made sure that I realised what’s up 🙂 .

I’m looking at the year in retrospect now and I don’t know…I love it like I love automn leaves falling on the grass making this world a more glorious place to live in.

Now I have to come to terms with a few things : 1. My brain is meant to be used at all times…especially at work. 2 To make the dream a reality. 3 I don’t know…just live I suppose…keep breathing…the rest will take care of itself.

I’m headed home next month and I really cannot not wait to refresh and renew my soul. To give thanks once more.

All Love and Guidance.




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