I suppose it is only because I am trying to make sense of it all…right now the only voice that speaks in my head is silence.

Thoughts flow in and and out as if a window is opened…fresh air in. Birds sing in the night here , which I find extremely strange.

I am wondering about kindness…whether it has a face or certain religion. Belief systems. I believe I once thought something about that. Why be boxed in…categorised into certain things…defined by certain labels? What happens when Life is beyond that?

I had a strange dream last night…the kind that makes the skin crawl yet in it I was not scared. It was only after I woke up that I had this eery feeling. To document it would be living it.

I suppose I’m waiting for the voice to speak and say this is it. It continued onto my next sleep. Earlier on I had been with kind souls.

I find it strange that I will accept all forms as they are yet other forms question why I am…why am I? I am and that is enough.

To question who I am is to question existance. One morning I saw the expanse of Creation and at it I marvelled. Perhaps the wine had got to me but I choose to believe otherwise.

I am spooky I suppose. Weird maybe. Alive surely.

I love Life and I am Grateful to the Eternal Creator…in any name you may call HIM.

Today does not make any sense…can you see it in its clearness? What is it? Maybe just live and let live…

Silence speaks volumes …in my head.

Love and Peace.


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