broke but happy

Back to the land of the dead I live. It’s been a looong bus drive … I left East London at 14h00 and got here at 08h00 the next day. All cranked and crammed from trying to get some sleep in the bus.

Home was an absolute blast. It was great for me to be there. I enjoyed moments with family, friends and my beloved son. It was sad leaving them behind though but I am reminded that being here, doing what I do is not about me.

I got to Jozi – went to my place to find it upside down. Apparently there was a storm and my room got flooded. Gosh, I seriously need to get out of the poor man’s perspective of living life. Seriously. Went to the landlady and apparently she can’t move me anywhere else coz she aint got space. I was too tired to argue.

So I left them trying to fix the damages…machines making ear-bending noises.

Getting to work proved to be a mission on its own. There were no buses so I had to take two taxis to get to work- more unneeded time on the road.

The office quiet is much appreciated…better than the noise at my place. Can’t wait to go back and rest though…broke but happy.


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