Gone but never forgotten – Mbali Mbatha

Mbali Bubblez MbathaIn a time when kindness and generosity was scarce, you reached out your hand and showed me love. Not only did you give me your space and time but your heart and soul. You were to me a true reflection of Love.

I came to your space not knowing who you were …the rain was pouring and I was in a corner, had nowhere to go and you took me in. You smiled on my face and reached out more than just a hand. I believe today I am what I am purely because you were.

Time flies as it always does and we always make appointments to see one another yet somehow we’re always busy doing something else, being somewhere else.This is no time for regrets.

No longer are you with us in flesh but in our hearts you remain. I promise to keep the fires to this light burning and I shall carry the love , kindness, smiles and more with me wherever I go.

At least you knew I loved you and I’m grateful for the chance to say ‘Thank you’ in your face. To hug you and be in your presence.

Gone too soon but never forgotten. Mbali ‘Bubblez’ Mbatha.

Mbali the IconMbali my soul


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