Just words….

Under the watchful eye of the equator

With a keen eye from bright above

Luminous velvet

Knock on my door asking if I take cookies with breakfast

A moment just to see into these eyes

So I smiled and said

Ofcourse I do

If only for a moment to look in those eyes

Let’s cross out orion’s belt while we’re at it

Did you see that? A shooting star , wow

Let’s build sand castles while we’re at it

Run in circles laugh till it hurts and tears start streaming out

I love love that I have discovered

There’s something new about, undiscovered and untold

Something mystic almost about it

Like a fabrick I want to touch

the kind with gold and silver lining

Embroided to its very core

Let’s lie under the clouds and make peace

Making monsters and dragons for us to see

The last one was a rabbit which flew away

And I like Alice was lost in Wonderland

Now you don’t need to find me for I have found myself

All I am asking for is to BE

Silence speaks louder than words sometimes

Can we get lost in the silence?

Can we dream , look and just see?

I have discovered that I am in love

Mostly with me and then

peace, laughter, harmony, stillness, humbleness

I pray for these

I walk with these

A ribbon brimming and blossoming

Atop my head

Being as they choose

Wisdom beckons

Choose wisely I hear

For words unspoken

For now I speak

The words



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