Some days start with a down pour no matter how sunny the sky may seem. Sometimes you look in the life size mirror and only see how short you are. How you cannot measure up..how you can never measure up.  Sometimes potatoes turn frot and smell ugly and the peachy ripe red tomato is all grey and the flower loses it’s flair.

Some days are like that, it don’t really mean anything though. Like the way I see it my shortcomings make me taller and after the deepest and saddest cry comes the brightest smile and I see the most beautiful rainbow.

Sure I  have my doubts about my own flaws.  I mean continuously I question my intelligence, it always have to be measured in the world I live, crazy really because how can you really determine anything about anyone through the looking glass? Sad really.

Most days I am liberated though for I define my own intelligence and beauty is a standard that I dare not measure for there is no point. Best I continue doing what I do best and that is being me. I excell greatly at that.

Mama, how I never knew that this was the real struggle, how I always wondered why you had to be away for so long pursuing dreams. I remember those days. Perhaps had you told me then I would’ve ran away , hidden somewhere. Now I know though I that I am not inadequate. I can do this. I am doing this.

Thank you for the words of kindness that are said in silent prayers. You never told me how competitive it all was. How do I compete? Uncompetitive me. Strengthen and make me to be better than yesterday.

Even though I may not be seen as the one to win this race…I may just surprise you and pull through.




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