I met a woman once

She was smart and brave

Tall and pink

With long golden locks

She knew how to smile and ask questions

Always with a camera

A skirt, beadwork and a smile

The twinkle in her eye

She never understood many things

Like English and culture

The culture we have here

She was smart


With a car

So we travelled

Because she cared

She was curious

Always eager to explore

She touched my heart

She saw my child

And loved him even more

She knew how to smile

She knew compassion

And boy did she dance!

Oh ! she could dance

And take photographs

She was wise

She was kind

And soon enough

She had to leave




  1. Anonymous · February 20, 2013

    cute man….n i hope wherever she is she’s got to be smilin on this one…n i guess u r talking about Andrea right?….


    • LoyZaR · February 21, 2013

      πŸ™‚ thank you … yes I am …beautiful woman πŸ™‚


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