What happened to man?

I wanna know , I wanna know

See this insatiable hunger doesn’t want to rest

This need makes me see

This seed makes me see

I wanna know what happened to men, when now we have a society that doesn’t have them. See the other day we were talking, exchanging war conversation, how you survived and how she survived.

I started thinking, why is it normal these days to survive?

See my sister had a baby with this other man similar to how her mother had a baby with this man who turned his back and left. That was it. No messages of goodbye, only tears of sorrow.

So I guess it was only normal that things would turn out this way… who knows. I know that it’s now normal for man to walk leaving women with babies who are fatherless.

I was once there too. I never knew him yet I saw him…from time to time. That was my normal.

Being here makes me observe much…much I have observed is the behaviour. Strange how normal it is .

What happened to man?


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